Project-based Outreach Programme

They setup the experiment with topic ”Relationship between plant and beverage” under supervision of CityU tutor and HK$3,000 sponsor provided by City University of Hong Kong.

The Team
Leader :
Yeung Chun Ting (5C)
Chan Yik Wan (5C)
Lun Kai Yin (4D)
Chan Wai Sin (2A)
Fung Wing Yin (2B)

The abstract
People usually use water to water plants, it is because water has a natural pH value and it contains healthful elements for plants. Are there any differences if we use different kind of drinks to water plants instead of water? Because of this, we try to use different beverages to water the plant. They are Water (Control), Coke, Zero-coke, Beer, Coffee and Yakult. We have chosen 2 types of plants – Pothos Vine and Capsicum. For Pothos Vine, we have used 60% of water and 40% of beverages (100% water for water control). For Capsicum , we have used 50% of water and 50% of beverages (100% water for water control). Twice a day, we will water the plants and mark down their growing rate during experiment.

Working Process in Summer Holiday
Project-based Outreach Programme (POP)