Ms To

Teaching students to tell the stories of science

Source: Over some 20 years as a science teacher and, later, as panel head of the Science Research Department at Maryknoll Fathers’ School in Hong Kong, To Yuen-man has developed a passion for science communication. To Yuen-man (Croucher Science Communication Studentship 2020), whose first degree was in Computational Mathematics and Operations Research at the University of Hong Kong, has to...

Bird feeder experiment

Having built several bird feeders for different purposes, I have found that observing how the birds use the feeders and collect more data which helps to understand their behaviour. There have been many experimental studies on bird feeder, not only to learn about the habits of birds, but also to train them to provide services. Birds are very intelligent than specially...

Citizen Science: Bird surveys

There are a number of regular bird surveys carried out in the UK. For example,  Breeding Bird Survey (BBS), The Garden Nesting Survey (GNS) are the projects involving citizen science concept. These projects invite everyone to become a citizen scientist and contribute their data. The data collected will be analysed by professionals in order to monitor the bird population, address the...

My picky birds

As mentioned in previous article, I was excited to start putting a bird feeder outside my window and DIY my own bird feeder, which is up to version 4 right now. Other than design of the bird feeder, bird food is a very important factor to attract birds. There are mainly four types of bird food: seeds, suet, peanuts and mealworms....

Organic farming: help the birds.

The number of birds decline gradually, including many well known and loved species such as the song thrush, skylark, lapwing and house sparrow. Most of the declining species are farmland birds. This phenomenon has not only happened in the UK, birds in the United States and Canada also have fallen by 29 percent since 1970. The disappearance of the birds is mainly...

Science of bird feeders

When I newly arrived the UK, I noticed that there are lots of different types of bird feeders selling in Poundland and Wilko. It is the first time heard about bird feeders. Hence, I did some search about bird feeders and found out that according to Biological Conservation, 87% of the UK homes have bird feeders. Each household spent around £0.35...


我想鼓勵一下有學習障礙的同學,讓他們知道 “You are not alone” 。其實,可能每個人都有不同的障礙,只是有的人很明顯,有的人很會隱藏,有的可能一生都沒涉足那方面的領域,所以沒發現障礙,同樣道理,也可能因而沒找到自己的長處。


很多學生也會問,年中放的教師發展日假期,老師都是去了做什麼? 是不是都在放假? 其實,那天老師是要回學校上課,學下教學法、聽講座、去其他學校參觀交流。很多很多年前也有上減壓課程、學繪畫。

IT Team 一年回顧

2019-2020 本可以是最強I.T.Team 。2019-2020 突然由校隊成了一個學會。招朋同學參加,見了一次面,疫情便來了… … 而同學又不做online活動,於是… … 也應該是IT Team 成立以來… … 第一次沒發Service Award。


事源有同學去了北京、西安航天科技考察團,所以學校分到一點太空種子。分便是青瓜、青椒和豆角。後來,知道Brother Joe 是種植專家,在Brother Joe 的支援下,便進行了太空種子種植活動。 我自己本身是不懂種植的。之前也有長開種植相關的活動,可是… … 老是種不起來 … … 都是悄悄的死掉了… … 所以,收到珍貴的太空種子,完全不敢用,怕浪費了。所謂的太空種子是上過太空的種子。據說,種出來的收獲比平常的大。


好少會寫和工作沒關係的東西。有天發現2017年後已沒怎樣更新工作紀錄,不是因為學生沒比賽,而是因為我的心思重點沒有放在工作上。 從小,媽媽便會叫我讀好書、做好功課,爸爸希望我打好柔道。所以,我有努力讀書,考進香港大學。柔道比賽雖沒認真練習,也是比賽得獎常客。大學畢業啦! 我便按媽媽的願望,找一份穩定的工作。從教中文、數學,到當了電腦科科主任。再在科學比賽上找到工作的動力,到開發了科學研究科。一直都是努力工作,除了交六成以上人工家用外,也沒有很好的照顧家人,反倒是家人在我背後提供無限支持。


終於的起心肝轉web server 及更新內容。伺服器在2012年9月由美國轉去香港,2020年8月再由香港轉回美國。主要原因都是價錢問題 🙂