Project-based Outreach Programme

They setup the experiment with topic ”Relationship between plant and beverage” under supervision of CityU tutor and HK$3,000 sponsor provided by City University of Hong Kong. The TeamLeader :Yeung Chun Ting (5C)Member:Chan Yik Wan (5C)Lun Kai Yin (4D)Chan Wai Sin (2A)Fung Wing Yin (2B) The abstractPeople usually use water to water plants, it is because water has a natural pH value...


Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2007 Anti-Bump Lock (防撞鎖), Lau Tak Kin and Lau Tak Shing of 2D, have won the Champion and the Youngest Team Award in the Invention project of the Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2007 (香港學生科學比賽) among more than 120 teams. Our team will represent Hong Kong to join exchange activities in the coming July.


Congratulations to Lau Tak Kin and Lau Tak Shing of 2D (Anti-Bump Lock). They have entered the final round of the Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition and won the “The Best Booth Presentation” Award. An exhibition booth was set up at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 19, 2007. The Final Judging will be held at the...

EDB – 科技教育 – 生活智慧

video 的中段才是說我們學校的。 拍這個是因在「科技教育成功經驗」分享計畫中得到兩個獎項: 是用「 從互聯網開始的創意實踐 」來參加的。 Award in Good Practice in both Curriculum Design in Technology Education科技教育課程設計成功經驗 – Top 10 among 300 entries Award in Curriculum Leadership in Technology Education科技教育課程領導成功經驗 – Top 10 among HK Teachers


Innovative Safety Tips Competition (「開心安全大發現」比賽), an activity hosted by The Hong Kong Safety Institute Limited, aims at raising the general public’s awareness towards product safety. It also stimulates the discovery of new things, enhances intellectual training as well as independent thinking and develops problem solving skills. Our school’s team called “Smart Warehouse System” won two awards in this competition. A. Merit...