Project-based Outreach Programme 2008

Two teams of our students joined the Project-based Outreach Programme (以專題研習為本的外展計劃) organized by the Faculty of Science and Engineering, City University of Hong Kong. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the mentors, Bert Leung and Tommy Yang.

Team A: Building an Encryption Machine (建造一台加密計算機器) –They received a trophy and $1000 book coupon.
Chan Zhao Fa (2A)
Chow Tin Lok (2A)
Chung Tin Lok (2A)
Wu Tze Chung (2A)

Team B: Revitalization of Historic Building – Lui Seng Chun (活化歷史建築 -雷生春) – Finalist
Wan Pak Hang (6LA)
Cheng Nga Yan (alumni)
Chan Pui Yung (alumni)
Hui Ka Yan (alumni)
Lo Yuen Yan (alumni)